Bluewater Regatta – AHYC

Bluewater Regatta – What is it?

The Bluewater regatta is a mixed keelboat and catamaran regatta that is hosted by the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club (AHYC).  The regatta takes place Saturday and Sunday 8/5 and 8/6.  On Saturday, the catamarans will race a distance race that will go out past Sandy Hook and around lighthouses and return.  The actual course is in the sailing instructions and the racing is handicap scored using SCHRS rating system.  On Sunday there is traditional buoy racing on the same course with the keelboats.

For those of you participating in the H14 and Women’s event, you will not be able to participate in the distance race Saturday but can race on Sunday if you desire.  Your course on Saturday will most likely use the same committee boat and weather mark that will be used for the Bluewater regatta start.  There is a separate fee ($25, no shirt) to participate in the Sunday only racing.

For those of you participating in the HWave, H16 Youth, H17 and H18 and not in the H14/H16 Women, you can participate in the entire Bluewater regatta for $45 that will include one t-shirt.  This group can also choose to only sail on Sunday for $25 and use the buoy racing as a practice race day.

Having raced in this event many times, it can be lots of fun sailing around the buoys with some 40+ foot keelboats.  Just keep your eyes open and remember that sometimes tonnage rules, LOL.

The Saturday night party for the Bluewater regatta takes place at SHBCC and is also the awards party for the H16 Women and H14’s.  Your (H14/Hwomen) registration covers the cost of the party that will include dinner, beverages and a band.  Parking will be a big issue this night, so we just ask for your cooperation.

The party will be extra for any other Mini-Mega registrants (H17/H18/HW/Hyouth) and tickets can be purchase online at, for $20 or at the party for $25.  We do encourage online signups so that we have a good idea of how much food is needed.

Trophies will be awarded at AHYC sometime after racing is completed on Sunday.  The AHYC club is upstairs from the Shore Casino located in the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor.