Parking and Beach Info

Welcome to Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club (SHBCC) and Hobie Fleet 250

Please help us to keep our place orderly, clean and safe by obeying some simple rules below

Parking will be a challenge during the event, so please make every effort to work us.

Parking map here

  • On arrival, please unhook your trailer in the upper stone parking lot. Please unload and step your mast in this area.  We advise you bring plenty of padding for your boat as this lot is a stone lot.
  • Wheel your boat to the beach through the gate.
  • Generally traffic flow is clockwise in this lot, but if no cars are present you can go straight to the beach.
  • You can put your boats on the beach in front of the first row of boats. Please keep a lane open to the water and allow other boats to proceed down the beach.  The high tide line is generally visible, so make sure you put your boat above the high tide line.
  • Trailers will stay in the stone parking lot as shown in the diagram below. If you brought 2 boats to use in separate events, please leave the boat you are not using on the trailer.
  • If you have an RV, you can proceed into the sand lot where you will be directed to a parking space. We will have to park them close, so awnings may not be useable.
  • Do not park cars or trailers against the concrete wall where large boat trailers are stored. If you do, you must leave your keys in the car in case it needs to be moved.

SHBCC Beach Rules

  1. Please obey the parking lot captain. We will be very tight on parking space during the event.
  2. Do not move boats on wheels with the sails up past the first line of stored boats.
  3. Do not leave boats unattended on beach wheels.
  4. If you use club provided wheels, please remove from underneath your boat when finished and make sure they are left above the high tide line.
  5. No glass on the beach.
  6. Cars and trailers are not permitted on the sand beach. Use a dolly to move boats from the parking lot to the beach spot.
  7. Do not block the beach gate.
  8. Please leave a lane open from the water to the gate.

Please note that car traffic in the fenced in area is one way and runs clockwise