A message from the HCA-NA Chairman

Hello all..
I hope 2019 is finding you well. I see some of you are freezing while some of us (FL) are sweating, LOL

As you can imagine there is a lot going on in the hobie world! Specifically the H16 Worlds as registration has opened up for the opens, and the sailors who have qualified for the on site qualifier.
If you are an on site qualifier and have received an token or invitation via email asking you to register, I suggest you do so before march 1st. The onsite qualifier will become open to a first come first serve basis on march 1st!

Youth Teams for the worlds: It was decided in Jan of this year that the HCANA would sponsor 10 grants for 1000.00 ea to youth teams that would want to participate in the 2019 H16 worlds. There is not a qualification for this however there is experience needed via 3 regattas being sailed with in the last 2 years. We need youth teams! We will help get them there we just need to know who they are and what is needed. Currently there is 1 team entered from Italy… if more do not enter soon, they will remove the event from the Worlds. Please let me know if you have someone.

The next topic I would like to discuss is REGISTRATION! Some of you reading this email help and or organize events, and some of you do not however like to attend events, all the above are great. I would like for everyone who is attending events within the North American region to start registering for events in a timely manner. It is not fair for the organizers to be on pins and needles trying to coordinate food, trophies, shirts and all aspects that go into running a regatta in effort to make it a successful regatta. The organizers are putting on regattas for all of you, all they ask is that you register. It is the year 2019, some of you are reading this email on your phone, it takes 2-3 min to register for a regatta on your phone. If you cannot pay, and you plan on attending, register anyway and delay the payment, at least they know your coming! All events can be found on Regatta Network, by name or date. There are currently regattas for 2019 already on regatta n etwork that can be registered for such as all major NACs (H16, H17, H18, H20, H14) all up and ready to be registered for.

I would like to share a link to a calendar created by Nicolas Liebel: http://hobie.myregattas.com/
This is a interactive calendar that any division / fleet etc can add events to that everyone can see. This is a great tool that can help avoid overlap and also shows events in all parts of the country in one document. Many division chairs have been posting there 2019 schedules, I would like to ask that we get these schedules on the calendar so we all can see whats going on where. If you need help or have any trouble doing so, please feel free to shoot Nicolas a note; nliebel@hotmail.com

In closing, this is great year for Hobie sailing. There is a lot of excitement about the major events with in North America. The worlds is opening some doors to other countries in North America. We are working closely with Mexico and getting sailors from there to become members and possibly start sailing some of our events and visa versa, same for cuba and guatemala.
I need everyone to know that the board is here for all of you, and here to support events all across north america. Feel free to email anyone of us with questions, clarification or whatever is needed to get people out on the water!

Thanks everyone,

Jason Sanchez
HCA-NA Chairman

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