The world may change but the Hobie fun will always be there

COVID-19 has put many countries into isolation this virus has caused the cancellation or postponement of many Hobie events. On the positive it has kept many sailors home to do the much need maintenance on their boats. Contacting many of the Hobie sailors around the world it is encouraging to see so many getting ready for the Hobie sailing season whenever that maybe.

When the sailing season does start the way we conduct regattas will change for the immediate future. It is unclear how long this will continue. To assist the organisers of sailing regattas World Sailing has produced in informative document on how event organizers should proceed to protect the health of the sailors. I do encourage everyone to read this guidance document as it will help you understand the seriousness of this virus.

One thing that is clear is that sailing will be back and we can all go sailing soon. Already there has been some relaxation in a few countries to allow certain sailing to continue. The governments have realised that people need to exercise and being out on the water sailing can be a very safe way to exercise.

It seems a long time ago that this beach had 60 Hobie 16 and hundreds of Hobie sailors from around the world enjoying themselves. Yet in sometime soon beaches like this will be crowded with Hobie sailors again.

For all of us we need to stay safe so we can all comeback and enjoy our Hobie sailing again. The world may have changed but the fun will never change.

Stay safe

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