2020 Hobie Mile High Regatta

The Hobie Mile High Regatta was sailed in the picturesque Huntington Lake, California and hosted by Hobie Division 3.

Huntington Lake is located in the Sierra Nevada at an elevation of 7000 ft. The Lake again produced some of the best conditions with double trapeze racing.

Veteran Hobie sailor Steve Leo who competed in the 1st Hobie 16 Worlds in Honolulu just missed out on a podium place in the Hobie 16 A division. Showing Hobie sailing is a lifetime sport.

Top 3 in Hobie 16 A
1 Ben Brown /Casey Astiz
2 Blair Wallace /Sasha Spiegel-Wallace
3 Jeff Perlmutter /Barb Perlmutter

Top 3 Hobie 16 B
1 James Batey /James Batey
2 Carl Delfino /Ella Parks
3 Jay Smith /Johnny Brucker

Hobie 18
1 David Peltier
2 Marcos McGee

Top 3 Hobie 20
1 Mark Zimmer /Kim Zimmer
2 George Pedrick /Gene Harris
3 Kent Bliven / Paul Biener


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