Hobie 20

Result of the Hobie 20 rule changes and sailmaker selection vote.

We have the result of the votes cast on the proposal published 18-05-2022 related to the Hobie 20 rule changes and sailmaker selection:

YES: 43,75%

NO: 56,25%

The majority was not happy with the proposed solution as can be seen. With an outset in the result and the received comments, the proposal will now be deferred to our sandbox for further consideration.  This is basically what the comment period is about. Nothing is final before the IHCA Council has made its decision based on a recommendation from the Rules Committee. These recommendations are prepared with the product of the comment period in mind.

In this situation, we’ll go back as indicated and modify the proposal. It will subsequently be published for a new round of commenting and voting. Hopefully with a higher approval vote.

A big thank you to the members who took the time to comment and vote. Very helpful and much appreciated.  

Stay tuned for the modified proposal.

Erik Olsen
IHCA Rules Committee Chair

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