Hobie 17

Hobie 17 comment and vote on proposed rule change

Dear class members,

As announced when we saw the comments and knew the mixed voting result of the proposal published 03-06-2022, the Rules Committee supported by HCANA representatives, IHCA Executive Director, and IHCA President would work on a modified proposal with outset in the feedback. It is now ready, and the main changes are:

1. The open selection of sailmakers is changed to a system with a list of licensed sailmakers consisting of Elliott Loft, LCC., and Whirlwind Sails.

2. The measurement requirement is replaced by a system, where the licensed sailmaker shall attach an IHCA sail royalty/certification label to verify the sail is built to the IHCA specifications

3. New sail logo.

It is our hope this modified proposal will be better received than the first one.

Please cast your vote and make your comments.

If it all turns out successfully, we expect the rules can go into effect around August 1st, 2022, following IHCA Council approval.

Erik Olsen
IHCA Rules Committee Chair

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