Hobie 14 Na 2023

2023 Hobie 14 North American Championships.

Hobie Fleet 106 and Rehoboth Bay Sailing Association, Dewey, DE.

The 2023 Hobie 14 North American championships were hosted by Hobie Fleet 106 and the Rehoboth Bay Sailing Association. 22 Hobie 14 sailors lined up from all around North America to compete. This four-day event ran concurrently with a two-day Hobie regatta for 16’s and Waves. The first two days were Hobie 14s only with the other classes joining for the final two days.

The first days were warm with light to moderate winds with a light incoming tidal current. The current was light and only affected the light wind in morning races. Nine races were completed over the first two days, and this ultimately was the total race count. On the third day, the other classes joined and the warm pleasant weather we had been enjoying for a week came to an end. A strong cold front crossed the area bringing very strong winds. Sailors were on the water for what was forecasted to be a breezy day but with sailable winds. Partway through the first race of the day the cold front truly arrived with a different plan. The winds quickly increased to the upper 20 knots with gusts well in the 30’s and racing had to be abandoned. Before making it back to shore there was plenty of drama on the water with boats capsizing. Rehoboth Bay is quite shallow, and this ended with quite a lineup at the hose stations to clean the mud of masts and sails.

The final day came with continuing strong winds, but now much colder temperatures as fall weather was really being felt. The race committee decided to postpone onshore for an hour to let the winds calm down a bit. Ultimately some of the 16’s and waves went out to race but the 14-event concluded.

North American region chair, Jason Sanchez and Randy Landis dominated in the lighter conditions of the first two days to finish first and second. Nicolas Liebel finished 3rd and the first Canadian making him the Canadian Hobie 14 National Champion. Dafna Brown finished 5th overall and the first woman.

Thank you to Deb and Deb for providing the food for the parties

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